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Our company has developed its own innovative method of surveying power systems in order to collect the necessary specifications and obtain oscillographic records of the main parameters.

The power systems are examined in three stages:

1) Preparatory stage

General data collection on the power system is carried out on arrival at the site, or remotely by request.


2) Instrumental stage

Digital recording of the required power system operating parameters during tests.


3) Processing, analysis and presentation stage

At this stage:

  • Experimental oscillograms are processed, deciphered and analyzed
  • Operating parameters are calculated
  • Electricity quality indicators are analyzed
  • The actions above are carried out using special mathematical software. We use two types of software for this:
  •  standard - software that is built into the recording equipment
  •  proprietary - software that we developed to process the results of instrumental measurements and to calculate the parameters of the energy storage system
  • The achieved technical effects are identified, formulated, substantiated and described.

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