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We design and manufacture

Energy Storage Systems

Technological engineering company

We offer

  • Development of energy storage systems for power plants of oil and gas companies
  • Development of energy storage systems for distributed generation, including systems with renewable power sources
  • Development of energy storage systems for energy grid companies
  • Development of energy storage systems for railways and electrical transport within cities

You gain

  • Improved reliability of the electricity supply
  • A reduction in the loss of electricity
  • Power quality improvement
  • Fuel consumption reduction of diesel generator sets, gas turbines and gas-piston generator sets
  • Reduction of installed generation capacity of up to 50% when designing power plants

Why is energy stored?

Both the global and the Russian electricity industry are one step away from transforming the basic technological principle of matching the level of generation and consumption at a single point in time. This breakthrough technology will allow for the separation of generation and consumption from energy storage. It will completely change the entire dispatch system, the ratio of traditional and alternative electric power, and many other things related to it.

A. B. Chubais

How to store energy?

storage systems

  • Lead-acid
  • Li-ion Lithium-ion
  • Li-Pol polymer-ion
  • Nickel-cadmium Ni-Cd
  • Zinc-bromine Zn-Br

storage systems

  • Capacitors
  • Ionists
  • Superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES)

storage systems

  • Gravity
  • Gyroscope
  • Spring
  • Gas

The use of a particular type of storage depends on a variety of technical and economic factors, including customer preferences. Our company closely cooperates with various Russian and international companies that produce energy storage systems and can also integrate storage into an electricity supply system. We are ready to offer a comprehensive solution to solve all of our customers' problems.

Field of Application

Reduction of grid power consumption

The system stores energy during the periods of low demand and supplies energy during peak consumption in order to restrict the limit of power consumed from the grid, which also leads to a decrease in payments for technical connection.

Improving efficiency of your own generation

Energy storage systems (ESS) allow the use of generators of lower capacity. This simultaneously optimizes their operation, significantly reduces fuel consumption, and increases the resources of the generators.

Co-use of renewable energy sources

The ESS decreases imbalance due to uneven electricity generation by the renewable energy plants when increasing the generation system efficiency.

Electric power quality improvement

The ESS improves the quality of electricity in terms of the harmonic composition of the current and voltage symmetry due to the phase control of power flows and the rapid response

applications: example from life

Field of Application

Application of the ESS at the Armenian Atomic Power Plant

Active adaptive systems are a new line in the development of electricity systems of which ESS is at the forefront, providing a balance of active and reactive power as well as a backup power supply.

Reactive power compensation

Reactive power in distribution systems creates additional losses of electricity and voltage. The ESS allows accurate real time compensation for the reactive power consumed by the load.

Replacement of the “hot” reserve

ESS compensates in real time for the power imbalances that occur in the system, which removes the need to install a "hot" reserve generator in autonomous power grids.

applications: example from life

International practice

The global energy storage systems market is growing rapidly. The main application of storage systems in international practice is the regulation of frequency and voltage, ensuring the balance of power, and equalizing the schedule of consumption and generation of electricity, as well as the accumulation of excessive renewable energy.

Smoothing power peaks and backup during power interruption

Miramar Microgrid Energy Storage System USA, San Diego, California More detailed

Frequency and voltage regulation, autonomous start-up of generator units

WEMAG Younicos Battery Pack Germany, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania More detailed

Power balance, frequency regulation of the power grid

Montreux Hongrin- Leman Pumped Hydro Storage Station Switzerland More detailed

Learn more about the different energy storage systems and their location, parameters and purpose
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