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In addition to individual projects, our company's specialists are developing standard design solutions (SDS) for electric energy storage systems. SDSs testify to the fact that it is possible to widely use the product and simultaneously serve as methodology guidelines for engineers, designers, and builders—in short, everyone who is, in one way or another, associated with its application.

The book of standard design solutions includes: 

  • An explanatory note including the complete data on the material/structure, a principle description and the product purpose. 
  • Main characteristics and distinctive properties. A list of physical and mechanical characteristics of products and their other properties—both the main characeristics, which have an impact upon the area of application, and those that relate to operational safety, as well as additional references.  
  • Application niche and the produce purpose. 
  • Brief assembly technique, including the main guidelines on transporting, storage and assembly of the structural facility elements, аs well as operational manuals and technical maintenance recommendations.
  • Specification of materials and products that are recommended for the use with the given product(s). 
  • Product drawings: detailed depictions of the products, circuit schematics, assembly schemes, depictions of the most typical mounting attachments, etc. 
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