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This will determine whether you need to eliminate or minimize

  • big losses in grids
  • the high fuel consumption of the generating equipment
  • unstable operation of the existing power supply system
  • generator disconnection due to abruptly changing loads
  • working with low installed capacity utilization factors
  • spikes/power failures due to load relief/rise
  • low electricity quality due to load imbalance
  • unsinusoidality due to the loads that generate higher harmonics into the network


Or whether you need to:

  • Identify and fix power grid problems caused by design errors or forced transmission bottlenecks
  • Develop a scheme for the future development of the power grid
  • Reduce the number of equipment faults  
The power grid simulation on specialized software can provide a convenient solution.

Simulation allows a detailed analysis of the existing power grid operation or the power grid design based on the calculation of:

  • Steady states
  • Power-frequency transients
  • Electromagnetic transients

In addition, simulation enables the analysis of the power grid operation when using the energy storage system. To do calculations, we apply a mathematical ESS model developed by ESS LLC and verified while testing real eqiupment on site.

Using the simulation service, you will get a detailed report that contains:

  • Tables with calculations of the steady states with visualization
  • Temporary dependencies chosen for the analysis of the operating conditions during power-frequency and/or electromagnetic transients
  • Data on the identified system bottlenecks being analyzed (graphic, numerical and text description)
  • Conclusions and recommendations to address the identified problems

To calculate the cost of the simulation service, contact ESS LLC Technical Support:

8-800-707-66-50, ext. 124

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Varvara V. Guzhavina, Head of Technical Support